What Needs to Be Done?

The chart below will show you the status of our various projects/languages. You are welcome to join a team already working on a project or start something that has not been started yet. 

Specify which speaker you are interested in translating and see what needs to be done! 

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– "Complete" Status: Project is completely translated, including descriptions and all the work has been sent to Amazing Discoveries
– “Incomplete” status: translator(s) have(has) permanently stopped working on this series partway through
– “In progress or %” status: a person or team is actively working on the series

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What’s Involved?

After your application is approved, you will receive a login for our translations management system called Argot. After a brief tutorial on how to use Argot you will be able to communicate and manage your translations as well as upload and download your finished translations. Hosted on this system you will find transcripts, videos, PPT and other helpful resources for translators.


Software/ Resources:

Once you have decided to translate via voice-over, subtitles or both, you will need to get software for your purpose. Any time-coding software will work, however a lot of our translators use SubtitleEdit. Below are some resources provided courtesy of our translators. Please note they haven’t been checked for accuracy. If you notice discrepancies, please contact us.



Initially, our Translators Coordinator will be in contact with you. They will help get you set up and ready to go. However after you start, you will need to keep communication lines open at all times. Reports of how the translation process is going will need to be given on a bi-monthly basis. Of course if you run into any problems, we are here to help.
The translators blog is another way we try to keep translators informed and in the loop about mass changes and other important notifications, including new projects that are available to translate. The translations blog is part of the Argot system. 


We welcome people who want to work in a team on translations work. To start a team you will need to have a designated team leader. When you have chosen your team leader this person must sign up for argot and select “team leader” as a status. 

This team leader is responsible for coordinating the duties between the team and for uploading and downloading from Argot. They are also responsible to communicate with AD on a bi-weekly basis with updates on how the work is progressing. 

Getting Started


Before filling out your application, you will need to read through our Terms and Conditions. These are important for every AD translator to know and abide by. Breach of these Terms may result in your rights as a translator being removed.

I'm a team leader I'm an independent translator
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    Ready to Start!

    Now that you have gone through all the steps of becoming an AD translator, you are ready to submit your application. Once you submit the application, we will automatically go to the Translations Coordinator for approval. You will receive an email with your Argot account information once your application is approved.  You should receive an answer within 1 – 3 weeks after your submission. 

    Your application has been successfully submitted, please wait for the Translation Manager to approve your request.